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How to move off Dropbox

Switching off of Dropbox is actually really easy. Almost all of the alternatives are much cheaper, and many have better privacy features. Here's a quick guide on how to switch. It'll only take you a couple of minutes:

(optional) Disable selective sync

Make sure you disable selective sync if you were using it before. You can do this in Dropbox Preferences -> Advanced -> Selective Sync. Just make sure all of the boxes are checked, and then wait for Dropbox to be fully synced. This will make sure you have all of your Dropbox data on your computer before canceling your account.

#1 Cancel your Dropbox account

  1. If you pay for Dropbox, cancel your subscription
  2. Then click here to cancel your account

This won't delete any of your files — they're safe and sound on your hard disk. When you cancel your account, make sure to tell Dropbox why you're canceling.

#2 Find an alternative

There are a number of fantastic alternatives to Dropbox, some of which are even fully encrypted and open-source, for you and your business to switch to, such as:

You should consider the needs of your home and business when switching. For instance, if you use a lot of existing Google Services, you'll probably find it's easiest to switch to Google Drive. If you need fine-grained access controls and other enterprise-like functionality, you might want to take a look at Box.com.

#3 Move your files to the new folder

After you've set up your new file syncing service, go into your old Dropbox folder and drag all of the contents to your new folder.

That's it!

Yup, it's really that easy. You may also want to uninstall the Dropbox application.

..and let the world know why you're dropping Dropbox:

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